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Effective Date: November 7, 2015


We are MyCorporation Consultants Private limited have presence across India as Startup Registration and Compliance Platform.

We are well established in Delhi NCR and are looking forward to expand our services in other parts of Country.

Modus Operandi:

1. We will forward all the client Leads from your state directly to you.

2. You will have to talk to client as part of

3. will be the direct contact and client will remain as client of only.

4. After 4 Weeks of successful transmission of Clients and Work, We will enter into a MOU for revenue sharing agreement.

5. You will be allotted a particular extension number on our board number 8882101000 and clients calling us will directly routed to you using the same extension..

6. Client meetings, discussions and task will have to be mentioned on the centralized CRM for easy access and transparency on stage of work done.

7. Billing of work done has to be done on a centralized system in Delhi and will be available on  realtime basis on

8. Your address will be mentioned on our website in contact us tab as Branch Address.


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