Income Tax Return of Companies

Income Tax Return of Companies

Income Tax Return of Companies

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What is income tax return for company?

Every company needs to file its income tax return to income tax department, every year.

Why we need to file income tax return?

Income Tax Return of Companies

Every company has to intimate the department regarding its income and expenditure and other various necessary details of the company.

What is the Due date for Income tax return of Company?
All companies registered in India are required to file income tax return on or before the 30th of September.

What are the forms required for income tax return of company?
The forms required to file for income tax return are:
Private Limited Company – ITR-6
Limited Liability Company – ITR-5
One Person Company – ITR- 6
Section 8 Company – ITR-7

Our Packages

NIL Return
₹ 2360
  • Package Includes
  • NIL Return
ROC Filing
₹ 5900
  • Package Includes
  • ROC Filing
ITR & ROC Filing
₹ 11800
  • Package Includes
  • ITR & ROC Filing

Documents Required for Income Tax Return of Companies

  • Invoices of Purchases and Sales during the year
  • Invoices of expenses incurred during the year
  • Credit Card Statements if Expenses are incurred by Directors on behalf on Company
  • Bank Statements from 1 April to 31 March for all bank accounts in the name of Company
  • Copy of GST returns filed (If Any)
  • Copy of TDS Challans Deposited (If Any)
  • Copy of TDS Returns filed (If Any)
  • Digital Signatures of Any 1 Director

Process Involved

Step 1



Step 2


Preparation of Accounts

Step 3


Preparation of Income Tax Return

Step 4


Client Approval

Step 5


Tax Payment

Step 6


Return Filing