Income Tax Returns for NRI

Income Tax Returns for NRI

Income Tax Returns for NRI

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Create e-filing account

on the income tax website an e-filing account is created with the personal details of the assesee and Form 26AS is downloaded.

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File Income Tax Returns Online for Non Resident Indians NRI

details of income earned and deductions claimed under Chapter VI-A. are filled with the help the Form 16/16A and Form 26AS. any other income or investment eligible for deduction also to be reported which was not reported to the employer/goverment

Calculation of tax liability
The return form shows any tax payable, should be deposited and the challan details are entered in the return form.

Submit the income tax return
ITR filled should be duly signed and sent by ordinary post or speed post to 'Income Tax Department

Our Packages

Pension Income
₹ 2360
  • Package Includes
  • Pension Income
Capital Gain on Sale of Property
₹ 3540
  • Package Includes
  • Capital Gain on Sale of Property
Double Taxation Benefit
₹ 4720
  • Package Includes
  • Double Taxation Benefit

Documents Required for Income Tax Returns for NRI

  • Copy of PAN
  • Statements of all bank accounts in India (including Joint Accounts)
  • Form 16 / Pension Certificate received
  • Form 16A received from Bank against TDS on Fixed deposits
  • Details of Investments made / Mediclaim (To claim Deduction or to lessen your tax burden)
  • Details of Other Income Earned in India
  • Details of Capital Gain (if you have purchased / sold an Indian Property)

Process Involved

Step 1



Step 2


Computation of Income

Step 3


Calculation of Tax Payable

Step 4


Payment of Tax

Step 5


Preparation of Return

Step 6


Submission of Return

  • What are the mode of filing ITR?
  • The return of income can be filed with the Income-tax Department in any of the following modes (*): - • By furnishing the return in a paper form. • By furnishing the return electronically under digital signature, i.e., e-filing with digital signature.
  • Where to file the ITR?
  • Return of income can be filed either in hard copy at the local office of the Income-tax Department or can be electronically filed at
  • Is there any help desk for tax payers?
  • In case of queries on e-filing of return, the taxpayer can contact us at 8882101000
  • If i have paid excess tax,how will I get the refund?
  • Yes, provided the original return has been filed before the due date and the Department has not completed the assessment. It is expected that the mistake in the original return is of a genuine and bona fide nature and not rectification of any deliberate mistake. However, a belated return (being a return filed after the due date) cannot be revised.
  • Can the return be filed after due date?
  • Yes, if one could not file the return of income on or before the prescribed due date, then he can file a belated return. A belated return can be filed within a period of one year from the end of the assessment year or before completion of the assessment, whichever is earlier. Return filed after the prescribed due date is called as a belated return.
  • What are the benefits of filing ITR?
  • Filing of return is your duty and earns for you the dignity of consciously contributing to the development of the nation. Apart from this, your income-tax returns validate your credit worthiness before financial institutions and make it possible for you to access many financial benefits such as bank credits, etc.
  • When is it mandatory to file return electronically with digital signature?
  • -filing of return with digital signature is mandatory for: (a) Every company; (b) A firm or an individual or HUF who are required to get their accounts audited under section 44AB; (c) A Political Party [it its income exceeds the limit, without claiming exemptions under Section 13A, which is not chargeable to tax]
  • How to know TAN of my deductor?
  • It can be found either on the Form 16/16A or in the 26AS tax credit statement available on TRACES (TDS Reconciliation and Correction Enabling System) website.
  • How can I find my jurisdictional Assessing Officer?
  • ither click on Services>Know your Jurisdiction given on the home page of or use the following link to know your jurisdictional officer
  • Whether all salaried taxpayers can choose ITR-1 for filing income-tax returns?
  • No, all salaried taxpayers can’t choose ITR-1 for filing tax returns from Assessment Year 2013-14 onwards. They can choose ITR-1 only if they are claiming exemption under sec. 10 (e.g. HRA, Conveyance allowance, etc.) up to Rs 5,000 or less. So, if taxpayer is claiming any exemption under sec. 10 which exceeds Rs. 5,000, he cannot file return of income in ITR-1 (As per amended Rule 12 of income-tax rules).
  • Is there any restriction on number of returns that can be filed using same email-ID or same mobile number?
  • Yes, only 10 returns can be filed using same email-id or same mobile number.