Directors Change

Documents Required for Directors Change

  • 1 Signed DIR-2 (Provided by us)
  • 2 Appointment Letter of Director
  • 3 MBP-1 as declaration for Interest in other Entities (provided by us)
  • 4 Notice for Appointment
  • 5 Copy of PAN and Address Proof to be submitted to board
  • 6 Digital Signature of Director Approving Appointment or Resignation
  • 7 DIN of Appointee Director (if not available same can be made available at Rs 2000 extra for DIN and DSC)
  • 8 Rs. 100000 for becoming a Director (to be refunded to director after he is regularized), only in case of public company.
  • 9 Resolution for Appointment of Director (Prepared by us)

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Process Involved

Apply DSC
Apply DIN
Meeting of the Board of Directors
Form DIR-12


Board of Directors can appoint Additional Directors by filing Form DIR-12 



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