Type of ISO certification and applicability as per the Business Activity

Type of ISO certification and applicability as per the Business Activity

When you make a plan to apply for ISO certification this question might come in your mind which ISO standard is most relevant for your company’s activity. There are so many ISO standards therefore it creates confusion between ISO Standard Numbers. And for an Organization it is difficult to choose the more suitable standard for its scope. Learn about the most popular standards impacting the business and consumerism.   


ISO 9001 QMS (Quality Management System):

To sets off the basic norms for quality management system ISO 9001 was published in 1987, and this update its norms guidelines in every seven years. The current version is 9001:2015 released in September 2015. This standard can be applied by any small or large organization with any scope of business. The standard provides guidelines and measures to achieve effective quality management in an organization. The standard ensures consumers that they receive high-quality product and service.

ISO 14001 EMS (Environmental Management System):

The standard 14001 is applicable to those companies have an impact on the environment while producing a product. The standard governs the guidelines for implementing a systematic framework to manage the environmental impacts of a product produced by an organization. Any organization may use this standard that has a responsibility to maintain, improve, set up and implement an environmental management system to promise that it meets the requirement of environmental policy.

ISO 22000 FSMS (Food Safety Management System):

The food Industries who wish to focus on the development and implementation of the food management system can apply for ISO 22000 FSMS. This ensures the customer that the food processing and the ingredients obtained from their supplier are safe. It improves the control over the food safety activities. It increases consumer and stakeholder confidence in products.

ISO 18001 OHSAS (Occupational Health and Safety Management System)

An International standard to maintain the Occupational Health and Safety Management System. Rather than addressing the safety of the specific product, it addresses Occupational Health and Safety. This is replaced by 45001 and got the recognition as 18001:2007. This is the standard recognized and implemented worldwide. This governs the rules, policies, plans, records and plans that define whether your company takes care of occupational health and safety. The standard ensures that the employer follows the management system for his employee’s health and safety and measure to prevents the injuries at the workplace. This improves the safety culture in an organization, implement effective preventive controls and avoid hazards at the workplace.

ISO 27001:2013 ISMS (Information Security Management System):

This is a standard expand by ISO (International organization for Standardization). The guidelines of this standard provide that how an organization can establish an effective information security management system and to protect data & avoid the possible potential cyber-attack. The standard aids an organization on how to do the best practice to manage and protect the valuable data and information about it. This identifies which risk exists for the information and implement the safeguard and another mitigation method to handle the risk and meet the identified expectation.

ISO 20000 SMS (Service Management System)

The standard is held by service providers and it provides the requirement to plan, monitor, implement, establish, review and maintain service management system. The standard assures that the consumers getting service from a service provider is well qualified and fulfilled the requirement of the service management system. The guidelines of this standard provide how to improve the design, delivery of service.

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