Who we are

MyCorporation.in is India's largest Start up Registration platform. MyCorporation.in started by offering Registration Services, Filing Returns and Helping Entrepreneurs in Legal Compliances and today it offers a full marketplace to Entrepreneurs on its website. At MyCorporation.in We are a team of Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Lawyers, getting solution to all your legal needs under One Umbrella. MyCorporation.in is the brand of India's leading Consulting company MyCorporation Consultants Private Limited. We strive to maintain an open culture where everyone is a hands-on contributor and feels comfortable sharing ideas and opinions. Our team spends hours designing each new feature and obsesses about the smallest of details. Our approach is simple to design something we'd LOVE to use ourselves. Therefore we listen and take the time to understand our users and take their reactions most seriously.

Our Business/ Goal

MyCorporation.in is India's largest online-based digital platform committed to supporting StartUps to establish and grow their businesses in a seamless manner. we launched our journey in May 2013 with the belief of maintaining long term relationships with every client by extending the concern and understanding of both professional and personal front. These years, we have endeavoured to provide on-time delivery of services with transparent disclosure of all statutory costs involved via our in-house built digital platform. (complete satisfaction of client)

Our Team

MyCorporation.in is focussed on deploying, nurturing and retaining dynamic team talent across accounting, secretarial, sales, IT, administration and marketing. Our team consists of experienced human resource who all are trained towards serving clients' needs with utmost honesty and passion. Our huge team is a pivotal asset of the organisation and a symbol of equality, commitment and camaraderie.

Our technology

MyCorporation.in utilises leading-edge technology to deliver the promising services of finance, accounting, secretarial and legal matters to clients across counties. Our IT team is dedicated to experimenting and bringing full-proof technical solutions for enhancing the user experience on our digital portals.

MyCorporation.in is built on Amazon's AWS platform. The scalability, authenticity and reliability of this technology makes the MyCorporation digital platform accessible and acceptable to all.(service provide via seamless digital platform)

Our Achievements


Integrated WhatsApp with our User Portal (A way forward to reach clients instantly across the country )


Launched our Partner Portal (It is an initiative to expand the MyCorporation reach to PAN India clients via MyCorp Partner Portal) Renovated the office premises with the latest infrastructure and facilities Launched our Mobile application of User Portal, Accounting Software, Website, Partner portal (A step forward to serve clients on a real-time and transparent basis across the country)


launched our Accounting software (It helps you to record and process accounting transactions within functional modules such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, journal, general ledger, payroll, and trial balance and many more with latest functionalities and supporting tools.) Leader Award 2017 as "Enterprise Excellence of the year (Financial Consultancy)"


Launched our in-house admin portal for the seamless flow of order process and diverted the office process/ working into a digital platform Leader Award 2016 as "Enterprise Excellence of the year (Financial Consultancy)"


Leader Award 2015 as "Startup Consulting Enterprise of the Year 2015" Marked a niche in the consulting industry across India


we launched our website: www.mycorporation.in Launched our Auto Docs Portal (A Digital Platform to download or access formats of different legal documents )on our website(First ever to start in India)


May 2013, MyCorporatopn Consultants Pvt Ltd is established

Our Awards

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