VAT Sales Tax Returns

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25 Apr 2017

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21 Apr 2017

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VAT Payment for this Month is Due

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Documents Required for VAT Sales Tax Returns

  • 1     Sales and Purchase Bills
  • 2     Bank Statements
  • 3     Expense Bills
  • 4     VAT id and Password
  • 5     CST sales and Purchase bills where form C is required
  • 6     Sales and Purchase Bills
Process Involved 20%

Step 1


Step 2

Data processing and Tax Analysis

Step 3

Tax Payment

Step 4

Return Upload

Step 5

Signing of Return

Step 6


Sale Purchase Bills and Bank statement is provided by client

Data is processed for calculation of relevant taxes

If any tax is pending for payment same is to be paid

Return is uploaded on VAT department website using client id and password

Return is sent to client for Signing.

Signed copy of Return is sent to Client


Meaning Of  Sales Tax/VAT

The Value Added Tax (VAT) is a multistage tax levied as a proportion of the value added (i.e. sales minus purchase) which is equivalent to wages plus interest, other costs and profits.


Sales tax is paid on monthly basis before the 21st of following month


Due date for filing VAT Return in delhi is 25th of Next Month following the quarter 

Example For Quarter 1 ( April - June) Due date for filing return is 25th of July


For the purpose of Section 49, a dealer whose gross turnover in a year exceeds one crore rupees, shall get his accounts of such year audited by an accountant, and shall be liable to submit a report, as notified by the Commissioner, from time to time: 

PROVIDED that the Commissioner may, by an order, require a dealer or class or classes of dealers, to submit a simplified version of the report in lieu of report notified by him under section 49, 

PROVIDED FURTHER that the Commissioner may, by an order, exempt a dealer or class or classes of dealers, from furnishing a report, for the purpose of Section 49.

Who is Liable for VAT Audit 

S.N.Nature of the Dealer –Based upon 
1. TurnoverExemption , if any

  • Dealers whose Gross Turnover does not exceedRs. 1 croreNot liable for VAT Audit
  • Dealers whose turnover exceeds Rs. 1 crore but is less than Rs. 10 croreForm of Audit Report and its time and manner yet to be  notified by the Commissioner.
  • Dealers whose Gross Turnover is Rs. 10 crore or more.1) Dealers exclusively dealing in Commodities listed in first schedule to the ACT

2) Dealers with 100 % export Turnover.


Uniform rates of VAT will boost trade, 100% self assessment will reduce the tax payer’s need to visit tax department officer.
The provision of set of tax paid on purchase/input tax credit will eliminate cascading and double taxation. This will promote production efficiency of investment. Investment decisions will not, therefore, be based on tax consideration, tax holidays.
?- The goods exported are zero rated under VAT. That means, the rate applicable to such transaction will be zero and the exporter will get full input tax credit. This will make the exports competition .
You must have a copy of a Tax invoice to substantiate a claim for Input Tax credit..
A dealer is required to furnish return within 21 days from the expiry of a tax period. .


The tax you pay on your purchases is input tax. Many of the things you buy will carry VAT charge, but if you are registered under VAT you can normally claim a credit for the VAT charges on most business purchases. It includes not only the VAT on your purchases of raw materials or on goods purchased for resale, but also the VAT on things like Capital goods, such as machinery or equipment for use in the business..
Yes. Sale can be made against any CST declaration form such as C-Form, F-Form, H-Form etc..
Mostly No. The importers will be expected to pre-pay the entry tax due at the Starting locations itself (such as Guwahati) before commencement of movement of goods, and carry the proof of payment. If the goods are imported through ‘Approved Road Transporters’, entry tax can be pain in Arunachal before taking the delivery of the goods. Such vehicles can pass across the borders without stopping..