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Duration 4-5 Months
Duration 2-3 Months
Duration 25 to 30 days

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Documents Required for Trust Registration

  • 1     One  Photograph of Each of Trustee & Settler.
  • 2     Khasra No.  & Village of the property to used as office to check whether or not the same fall under unauthorized colony list.
  • 3     Signed Trust Deed by trustees and settler.
  • 4     Demand Draft as aforesaid.
  • 5     Signed NOC on Affidavit of Rs. – Stamp Paper & Notarization shall be arranged by us
  • 6     Stamp paper in the name of Trust – Stamp Paper shall be arranged by us
  • 7     One Photocopy of the address proof & ID Proof as mentioned aforesaid.
  • 8     Proof of Address of the premises which is used as office signed by the Owner.
  • 9     Witnesses and settler shall bring their Id Proofs in original also at the time of Registration
Process Involved 20%

Step 1


Step 2

Verification of Documents

Step 3

Trust Deed

Step 4

Visit to Department

Step 5

Registration Certificate

Step 6


Client Provides Documents required for Registration

Documents are sent for Verification and Attestation by officer

Trust Deed is prepared and sent for signatures

Trustee and Settler visit the Officer for signatures in front of Officer

Registration Certificate is issued and Trust is deemed to be registered

PAN and TAN are applied after getting Registration Certificate


1. Stamp Duty @3% on the Amount of Contribution. The Stamp Paper shall be in the name of Trust. 2. Demand Draft of Rs. 1,100 from bank account of Trustees 3. NOC on affidavit of Rs. 10 from the owner for the use of premises and any address Proof like utility Bill. 4. 2 Photographs of each of the Trustees & Settler / beneficiary 5. Aadhar Card of beneficiary. 6. If only receipt of Addhar Card is Available than any other proof of identity along with that receipt. 7. Settler / beneficiary shall be Physically Present. 8. Two Witnesses with their Identity Proof.(who shall bring in original also) 9. Signed Address Proof & Identity Proof of Trustees. 10. Principal office of Trust shall not be in un.


Principal office of Trust shall not be in unauthorized colony. This shall be ascertained prior to Drafting of Trust Deed by Providing Khasra No. and Village No. in advance so that it may be ascertained first. Khasra No. of the Property shall also be written in Trust Deed..