DPT-3 Form

DPT-3 Form

DPT-3 Form

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DPT-3 Form

The ministry of corporate and affairs has recently unveiled the address validation form as per the FORM INC-22A (ACTIVE). Every company registered on or before December 31st, 2017 requires to file the E-form INC-22A for the address validation on or before April 25, 2019 as mandatory compliance to avoid penalty of Rs. 10000/-

What's the due date for Filing Form INC 22A (ACTIVE)

DPT-3 Form

The E form INC22A is required to Filed on or Before 25th April'2019

Late Fee
Late Fee for Filing E form INC 22A after 25th April 2019 will be Rs. 10000/-

Effect of Non filing
Company Status will be Changed to “ACTlVE-non-compliant” and Company will not be allowed to file these forms:
(i) SH-07 for Change in Authorized Share Capital);
(ii) PAS-03 for Change in Paid-up Share Capital
(iii)DIR- 12 for Change in Directors (except cessation)
(iv) INC-22 for Change in Registered Office
(v) INC-28 for Amalgamation, de-merger.

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Documents Required for DPT-3 Form

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