Document Verification

Document verification is the process of ensuring that documents presented by prospective employees are genuine and that the holder is the rightful owner. It is an integral part of the pre-employment screening process.

Different kind of property documents are required to verify authenticity of property. Please find below the list of documents which you should verify.

Purchasing of Property

·         Memorandum of understanding

·         Memorandum of sharing

·         Approval from the concerned authority – BDA/BBMP

·         NOC

·         Khata Extract

·         Encumbrance certificate

·         Development agreement

·         Supplementary agreement

·         Completion certificate

·         Occupancy certificate

·         General power of attorney

·         Approved sanction plan and license

·         Betterment charges

·         Khata Certificate

·         Tax Paid Receipts

·         Mother deed/ Title deed

Buying property in a private layout

·         Mother deeds

·         Conversion/Permission order

·         Betterment charges receipt

·         Tax paid receipts

·         Approved layout plan

·         Approval from the concerned authority

·         Encumbrance certificate

·         Mother deed/ Title deed


Buying agricultural land

·         Hissa tippani

·         Survey settlement akarbandh extract

·         Mutation register extract

·         Tax paid receipts

·         Record of rights  

·         Agricultural pass book

·         RTC extracts

·         Mother deed/ Title deed

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