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what is Accounting?

Accounting is an art of classifying, recording, summarising in a significant manner. It is a systematic process of identifying, recording, measuring, classifying, verifying, summarizing, interpreting and communicating financial information. It reveals profit or loss for a given period, and the value and nature of a firm's assets, liabilities and owners' equity.Accounting provides information on the resources available to a firm, the means employed to finance those resources, and the results achieved through their use.

Why you need Accounting ?


Accounting is essential if you want to be able to grow your business in a way that can be measured and predicted. Having a system of tracking your business assets , liabilites and income lets you to make smart, informed business decisions based on the past performance and present financial health of your company. With a clear, organized accounting system you can not only analyze your company’s financial data but also help it grow and profit.Sound accounting also helps you satisfy your customers. Knowing where your company stands financially in terms of income and expenses will help you better understand what you need to do in the future to maintain that level of customer satisfaction and your business.

1. It helps in the preparation of financial statements.
2. Accounting information is also used to compare the result of current year with the previous year to analyze the changes.
3. It helps the managers in the decision making process.
4. It provides information to other interested parties such as shareholders, creditors, investors, customers, government, employees.
5. It helps in taxation matter.
6. Accounting information can be produced as evidence in the legal matter.
7. It helps in valuation of business.

1. The items expressed in monetary terms are recorded in the accountings where as the items which are nonmonetary nature not recorded.
2. Sometimes accounting data are recorded on the basis of estimates and which could be inaccurate.
3. Fixed accounting are recorded as the original cost.
4. Value of money does not remain stable so accounting value does not show true financial results. 5. Accounting can be manipulated and biased.

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Documents Required for Accounting

  • All vouchers
  • All bank statements
  • All Invoices

Process Involved

Step 1


Analysis the transaction.

Step 2


Prepare the Transaction in Source Document such as Purchase Order or Invoice.

Step 3


Qualify the Transactions in Monetry Terms.

Step 4


Record the Transactionby Making Enetries in the Appropriate Journal.

Step 5


Post Journal Entry to Ledger Accounts.

Step 6


Prepare Trail Balance to make sure that Debit Equal to Credit Account.