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NRI Property Sale

 NRI Property Sale by NRI   Property as an asset class is of great value for all investors including NRI’s. However since most NRI’s/ PIO’s are now based in countries outside of India , they will eventually need the funds in their home countries where they live. Funds may be needed for their own retirement… View Article


NRI Taxation and NRI Banking

NRI Taxation and NRI Banking NRI to Pay Tax in India You are considered an Indian resident for a financial year: • when you are in India for at least 6 months (182 days to be exact) during the financial year OR • You are in India for 2 months (60 days) for the year… View Article


Buy, Sell and Rental Agreements

Buy, Sell and Rental Agreements Before buying, selling , renting property please carefully study and understand the agreements you will enter into.Property values are high and your entire life savings are at stake. These are very important documents and and should be read carefully before signing. Some basic questions and answers are mentioned below. Please… View Article


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